AI Art Studio 1.0

Your AI art essentials, in one refined workspace.

500+ Design Components


Subject Components


Styling Components


Lighting Components


Perspective Components


Color Palette Components


Background Components


Composition Components


Emotional Tone Components


Texturing Components


Inspirational References

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Acquire the foundations of AI Art.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn more about AI Art Studio and what you can expect from it.

Do I get future updates?

Yes, if you purchase the current version of AI Art Studio, if there are any updates or new features added, a new template will be emailed to you at no extra charge.

Why haven't I received my AI Art Studio after purchase?

If you haven't received your template, first look in your spam folder. There have been multiple cases where these get pushed to spam. If after 20 minutes you still haven't received your prompts, email me at: and I will manually send them to you. If this is the case I apologize for the inconvenience. 

Where is this dashboard hosted?

AI Art Studio is a Notion template that I have created and designed. If you're new to Notion, then that is ok. You will be asked to create an account, and AI Art Studio can be used with a free Notion account.

Do you offer refunds?

I do not offer refunds. This is a digital product and there is no way of revoking access after refunding the money. Therefore, I can not offer refunds.